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Furniture and appliances used for target shooting

Furniture and appliances used for target shooting



Can My Trash Be Recycled?  To find out about recycling opportunities in your community, contact your city or county public works department or local waste hauler. Or visit the Earth911 website where you can search by commodity and location to locate a recycling center near you.

Recycling in Idaho: What You Can Do

Where Can I Dump My Trash? Contact your local county solid waste or public works department. The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality has also compiled a list of recycling and hazardous waste management companies.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Environmental Protection Association)

Where Do I Take My Old Electronics?

People Do Care!
Read their comments, see a photographer's exhibit and a group album about dumping on public lands.

Tread Lightly
Responsible Shooting Tips



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