An entire mobile home left for somebody else to pick person's junk on everybody's land.

One person's junk on everybody's land: an entire mobile home left for others to clean up on public land.

Stories from the Dumps

decades of dumping cleaned up on the north rim of the Snake River, Jerome County

Decades of dumping cleaned up on public land north of the Snake River Canyon, Jerome County.

Stan Mai, Magic Valley ATV Riders, Twin Falls:

  • "The first word that comes to mind when I hear illegal dumping is ILLEGAL. It is against the law to dump your trash on public land!"
  • "The first thing I would ask is why. Why are you out here on public land dumping your personal trash? Why did you not go to a landfill and dump it in a proper place where it will be safely taken care of and not impacting others?" 
  • "We enjoy riding on public land and we enjoy seeing public land with all the different features and types of terrain. When you come around a corner and there's a pile of trash, it really just ruins your day!" 

E.E. Bender, age 5, Idaho Falls:

  • “It just feels bad and people are not supposed to do it.  It’s a dump.  Throw away your own garbage and please don’t do do that.”

Brandon Walker, from Idaho Falls, led a volunteer cleanup effort near North Menan Butte:

  • “People take public land for granted...we see garbage left from people recreating. If you have garbage, take it to the landfill, don’t dump it out on public land.”
  • “I love outdoor recreation, I love shooting, taking our 4-wheel drives out here and having fun.  I have seen how messy it has become…we have a million shotgun shells out here along with couches, televisions, washing machines, and all sorts of other things and it makes me sad to see the lands I love so dirty.”

North Rim of the Snake River Clean Up

North Rim of the Snake River Clean Up

Don Zuck, 64, Twin Falls, Idaho:

  • “I have been out here enjoying public land since I was 9 years old. I came here with my Dad to shoot guns, ride around, and build campfires. I got my first cub scout merit badge here.”
  • “Illegal dumping makes me furious...I don’t understand the mentality because this is our place to come and have fun. I don’t want people to leave their garbage in our recreation area.”

People Do Care!
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